Bungalow Projects - Resorts - Laguna Vista Resort

Laguna Vista Resort –Sharm el Sheikh

The Resort is located in Nabq area , Our company has designed and implemented all the projects structures of timber which includes:

  • Pool Bar Cafeteria which consists of a circular shaped wooden roof made of soft wood with a diameter of 11 meters without any columns in the middle.
  • Bar cladding and chairs are made of Beech wood with a Rustic paint.
  • Beach Bed which is a group of pergolas made of soft wood with a dimension of 2x2 meters, with an elevated floor 40cm from inside, it’s roof is covered with palm fronds and it is distributed by the beach, pool and health club.
  • Beach cafeteria which consists of 3 pergolas made of soft wood, with a palm fronds roof of a 210 m2 area .
  • Fish Restaurant which consists of a roof made of steel sections with soft wood cladding and palm fronds.

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