Bungalow Projects - Resorts - Kalimera Habiba

Kalimera Habiba- Marsa Allam

The resort is located in the north of marsa allam city and is owned by BalBaa group , Our company has designed and implemented all the projects structures of timber in layout which includes:

  • Pergolas and terrace railings for guests rooms.
  • Pergola and railing with lighting units for the Reception building.
  • Pergola &Wooden deck infront of the main swimming pool.
  • Circular pergola ,deck & DJ Room which is used as an open theatre.
  • Pergola for the kids swimming pool.
  • Pergola for the main restaurant and railings with lighting unit.
  • Lounge bar made of wood and the roof covered with palm fronds.
  • 3 pool bars.
  • Pyramid shaped pergola
  • Interior décor for the Lebanese restaurant .
  • Doors for guests rooms,retsurant,public buildings and service buildings.
  • Office furniture for hotel management building and reception.

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