Bungalow Projects - Resorts - Abo Dabbab diving center

Abo Dabbab diving center- Marsa Allam

It is a center for teaching scuba diving located in the north of Marsa allam city, Our company has designed and implemented all the projects structures of timber which includes:

  • 62 Hotel rooms including furnishings.
  • The restaurant building, kitchen and adjoining bathrooms and locker rooms.
  • 4 Circular shaped shops.
  • 4 Rooms for guests service & a cafeteria for workers.
  • Scuba diving building on the beach with adjoining kitchen and toilets.
  • Wooden passages with lighting units on the sides.
  • Hvac building.

Buildings have:

  • soft wood in all timber framing.
  • Thermally insulated waterproofed Roofs, and connecting walls between guests rooms are sound insulated.
  • Treatment against fire.

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